Italian MP Proposes to Girlfriend During Session And You Think Indian Parliament is Dramatic!

Share Love sees no boundaries and no language. It only knows emotions that are pure and real. People tend to do the most unexpected and most bizarre things while in love. Something similar, not weird but definitely surprising, happened in Italy when an MP proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of a parliamentary debate….

Novel honeytrap: Undercover woman cop nabs fugitive in MP by proposing marriage

An undercover woman police sub-inspector in Madhya Pradesh’s Chhattarpur district posed as a bride to nab a dreaded murderer. 28-year-old Madhvi Agnihotri, posing as ‘Radha Lodhi’, managed to fool the offender, Balkishan Choubey, by proposing to marry him after they spoke on the phone for three days. Unknown to Choubey, the police had set up…