Novel honeytrap: Undercover woman cop nabs fugitive in MP by proposing marriage

An undercover woman police sub-inspector in Madhya Pradesh’s Chhattarpur district posed as a bride to nab a dreaded murderer.

28-year-old Madhvi Agnihotri, posing as ‘Radha Lodhi’, managed to fool the offender, Balkishan Choubey, by proposing to marry him after they spoke on the phone for three days. Unknown to Choubey, the police had set up a trap for him at the temple where the ‘supposed’ wedding was to take place, said a report in the Times of India.

Choubey, who had a Rs 10,000 bounty on him, was wanted for cases of murder and dacoity on both sides of the Madhya Pradesh-Uttar Pradesh border.

While the Chhattarpur district police were after him after a murder-dacoity incident in August this year, he always managed to give them the slip when they were close.

Madhvi said that she hatched the plan after discovering his weakness for women. They arranged to meet at a temple on the MP-UP border, with cops lying in wait and some even accompanying her in the guise of relatives.

Choubey was overpowered as soon as he arrived by the cops who also seized a loaded pistol from him.Dail

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