Italian MP Proposes to Girlfriend During Session And You Think Indian Parliament is Dramatic!


Love sees no boundaries and no language. It only knows emotions that are pure and real. People tend to do the most unexpected and most bizarre things while in love. Something similar, not weird but definitely surprising, happened in Italy when an MP proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of a parliamentary debate.

As per a report published in The Guardian, an Italian MP broke into an impromptu talk about giving importance to relationships in life in the middle of the session. He then took out a ring from under his seat and popped the million-dollar question to his girlfriend who was seated in the public gallery.

The 33-year-old MP named Flavio Di Muro was present at a session on the post-earthquake reconstruction of Italian regions which were struck by earthquakes in the year 2016. When he started speaking in the parliament, he began by saying how people who belong to the institution are so busy solving national problems that they neglect their own people. He continued and looked at his girlfriend above and told everyone that it was a special day for him.

While his speech and the loving gesture earned applause in the parliament, the speaker of the chamber and member of the Five Star Movement, Roberto Fico, criticised the move and called it inappropriate. Everyone else kept smiling and hugging Flavio.

And for those who are wondering whether the woman accepted the proposal or not… well, it was a ‘yes.’ Sounds filmy, doesn’t it?

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