Scientists Have Created Glowing Plants Using Bioluminescent Mushrooms

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Scientists Have Created Glowing Plants Using Bioluminescent Mushrooms

We all might have seen the glowing mushrooms once in our lifetime. However, seems like glowing house plants will also be a reality soon, thanks to the latest experiments of science. 

In new research, published in Nature Biotechnology, the authors are talking about Plants with genetically encoded autoluminescence. To achieve this, scientists sliced a DNA from bioluminescent mushrooms and inserted it into a tobacco plant. The technique helped in glowing the plants really bright. 

What was observed later can change the life of botanists in the future, as they can use it to study the inner workings of plants.

As explained in the study, the scientists inserted four genes from a bioluminescent mushroom, known as Neonothopanus nambi, into the DNA of tobacco plants. These genes helped in converting caffeic acid into a luciferin that helps in emitting energy as light.

The study was led by Karen Sarkisyan and Ilia Yampolsky from the Russian Academy of Sciences. They chose tobacco plants as they are genetically simple and grow quickly in comparison to other plants. 

Karen said, ‘In the future, this technology can be used to visualise activities of different hormones inside the plants over the lifetime of the plant in different tissues, absolutely non-invasively.’ He added that this can also help in monitoring plant responses to various stresses and changes in the environment.

He has also tweeted about the same:

While scientists have earlier tried to grow these ‘glow in the dark’ plants using glowing bacteria DNA, the latest technique helps in glowing the plant 10 times brighter than the bacteria precursor.

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