Modi calls for unity, says coronavirus|COVID-19 doesn’t see religion

Modi calls for unity, says coronavirus|COVID-19 doesn't see religion
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Modi calls for unity, says coronavirus|COVID-19 doesn’t see religion

New Delhi: The coronavirus disease does not distinguish between race, religion, caste, colour and borders and humanity’s response to this ‘common challenge’ should be based on unity and brotherhood, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday, calling on Indians top to innovate a new work culture for the world.

Modi’s comments come at a time when some sections of society have sought to introduce a communal element in the discourse surrounding Covid-19 at a time when nation is still in the midst of the battle against the pandemic that has left 558 people dead and infected 17,252 more in the country.

‘Covid-19 does not see race, religion, colour, caste, creed, language or border before striking. Our response and conduct thereafter should attach primacy to unity and brotherhood. We are in this together,’ the Prime Minister said in an address to professionals from various fields on the social media platform LinkedIn.

Unlike previous moments in history, when countries or societies faced off against each other, the world today is facing a common challenge, Modi said . The future will be about togetherness and resilience, Modi said.

The next big ideas from India should find global relevance and application. They should have the ability to drive a positive change not merely for India but for the entire humankind, the Prime Minister said.

Logistics was previously only seen through the prism of physical infrastructure — roads, warehouses, ports. But logistical experts these days can control global supply chains through the comfort of their own homes, he said.

India, with the right blend of the physical and the virtual, can emerge as the global nerve centre of complex modern multinational supply chains in the post Covid-19 world, he said.

‘Let us rise to that occasion and seize this opportunity,’ Modi said as he suggested the creation of a business grammar where the vowels A, E, I, O and U stand for adaptability, efficiency. inclusivity, opportunity and universalism.

‘Today, the world is in pursuit of new business models. India, a youthful nation known for its innovative zeal can take the lead in providing a new work culture,’ he said.

It has been a topsy-turvy start to the third decade of this century and Covid-19 has brought with it many disruptions, the Prime Minister said.

‘Coronavirus has significantly changed the contours of professional life. These days, home is the new office. The Internet is the new meeting room.For the time being, office breaks with colleagues are history,’ he said.

Modi said he too was adapting to the changes and most of his meetings, including with ministers and officials, were through videoconferencing.

‘The work place is getting Digital First. And, why not? After all, the most transformational impact of technology often happens in the lives of the poor. It is technology that demolishes bureaucratic hierarchies, eliminates middlemen and accelerates welfare measures,’ the Prime Minister said.

He cited the examples of the Jan Dhan Account, Aadhar and Mobile number , which together comprise the JAM trinity, to stress how these changes had empowered poorer sections.

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