FASTags deadline extended to December 15

FASTags Not Mandatory From December 1, Deadline Extended to December 15

New Delhi: The transport ministry has postponed the deadline of mandatory FASTags from December 1 so that car owners can get adequate time to obtain those tags, the ministry said.

‘To facilitate sufficient lead time to citizens to obtain FASTag, it has now been decided that all the lanes in the Fee plazas shall be declared as ‘FASTag lane of Fee Plaza’ by December 15, 2019,’ a Ministry of Road Transport and Highways communication said.

FASTag is a prepaid tag, affixed on vehicle’s windscreen, that enables automatic deduction of toll charges and lets the vehicle pass through the toll plaza without stopping for the cash transaction.

The ministry has been distributing these tags free of cost until December 1.

Over 70 lakh FASTags had been issued till Wednesday, with the highest per-day issuance of 1,35,583 tags on November 26, 2019, whereas 1.03 lakh tags were issued on the day before.

From 1.4 lakh km of National Highways, toll charges were being collected from almost 25,000 km, as on March-end 2019. Between April-September this year, 2000 km of new National Highways are being brought under toll. Some 535-536 toll plazas have electronic toll collection systems. Barring newly installed 16-17 toll plazas, almost all the lanes have electronic toll collection systems.

Owners of vehicles without FASTags will have to pay twice the normal rate at toll gates.

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