New Punjabi music alert : Teaser looks like the title of song KHATARNAAK

Gippy and Bohemia new song TEASER of KHATARNAK

Teaser is out now watch it right now the song will be coming soon.the music of song is produce by Desi crew and directed by baljeet sing deo and the singers need no introduction but for formality reason i have to tell you the well known actor singer producer GIPPY GREWAL from Punjab and the inventor of punjabi rap the living legend of punjabi rap BOHEMIA from California.Bohemia fans in India and Pakistan is going mad by watching the teaser of song and they are hoping for the I said Bohemia fans Gippy grewal also one of the top most popular singer and actor from punjabi music industry.

Gippy grewal and Bohemia last song ‘Car nachdi’ become the most likable song in the youth of India and this time again both artist come again with banger track and the Teaser looks like this song is goona blasting in the Punjabi music industry scene.if you didn’t listen the song called car nachdi’ till now then link is down below listen it right now

Bohemia and Gippy grewal done many songs together and both relationships are like we all the brothers from Another mother kind of relation they shared with many times in media they don’t do it as a buisness they do it as a brothers.

Respect And we all appreciate the relationship between two brother from the different land different countries and that’s the audience love about and want to see you.

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