Mother gave up government job to make her son a farmer, salary was 90 thousand

Rajendra Singh, a resident of Ajmer, and his wife, Chanchal Kaur, bought one and a half acres of land in a village near Indore, so that they could stay there to teach their children farming. Rajendra Singh is an employee in the railway department and his wife, Chanchal Kaur used to be a government staff nurse. But Chanchal decided to give up his government job and take up farming in order to give his child a predominantly kind of environment.

Rajendra and Chanchal began to feel that no matter how much money they earn by living in a big city. But our standard of living is not good because neither clean water nor drinking water is getting destined. What is the use of earning so much money in this situation?

Chanchal quit his government job in the year 2016. However, when she decided to quit her job, many relatives and some of her colleagues said that she was acting stupid. But Chanchal did not want to change his decision. Because she wanted to give her son not only a happy life but a healthy and clean life to him. So in the year 2017, Chanchal shifted to Indore with his son and here he rented a house at some distance from his land.

According to The Better India, when Chanchal left the job, his salary was 90 thousand rupees a month. In such a situation, the decision to leave the job will not be easy at all but he gave priority to his son’s future and took his final decision without thinking more.

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