New Research – Those who had COVID19 may need only one vaccine dose

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Those who had covid19 may need only one vaccine dose – New Research

People who have recovered from Covid-19 had a robust antibody response after the first mRNA vaccine dose, but little immune benefit after the second dose, according to new research from the Penn Institute of Immunology. The study has been published in Science Immunology.

The researchers said their findings suggest that only a single vaccine dose may be needed to produce a sufficient antibody response. The team found that those who did not have Covid-19 did not have a full immune response until after receiving their second vaccine dose, reinforcing the importance of completing the two recommended doses for achieving strong levels of immunity.

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The study provides more insight on the underlying immunobiology of mRNA vaccines, which could help shape future vaccine strategies.

‘These results are encouraging for both short- and long-term vaccine efficacy, and this adds to our understanding of the mRNA vaccine immune response through the analysis of memory B cells,’ senior author E John Wherry, director of the Penn Institute of Immunology, said in a statement issued by the University of Pennsylvania.

The human immune response to vaccines and infections results in two major outcomes — the production of antibodies that provide rapid immunity, and the creation of memory B cells that assist in long-term immunity. This study investigated how memory B cell responses differ after vaccination in people who previously experienced infection, compared to those who have not had Covid-19.

‘Previous Covid-19 mRNA vaccine studies on vaccinated individuals have focused on antibodies more than memory B cells. Memory B cells are a strong predictor of future antibody responses, which is why it’s vital to measure B cell responses to these vaccines. This effort to examine memory B cells is important for understanding long-term protection and the ability to respond to variants,’ Wherry said.

— Source: University of Pennsylvania

New research – those who had COVID19 may need only one vaccine dose

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