New WhatsApp feature – Soon, you can verify forwarded messages – Here is how

New WhatsApp feature - Soon, you can verify forwarded messages - Here is how
New WhatsApp feature – Soon, you can verify forwarded messages – Here is how

WhatsApp is set to roll out a new feature for its users that will curb the spread of misinformation by allowing users to verify forwarded messages. WhatsApp forwards are often used by bad elements to spread fake news and misinformation. The Facebook-owned platform has come up with several features in the past to ensure that its users are not fooled by such practices.

New WhatsApp feature

WhatsApp is reportedly set to roll out a software update for all its users which will add the WhatsApp forward verify feature to the platform.

The feature will allow users to authenticate WhatsApp Forwards and know whether the information consumed by them is true or not.

It has been reported that the feature will add a magnifying glass icon next to the WhatsApp messages that have been forwarded. After this, a new pop-up message will be displayed, asking “Would you like to search this on the web? This will upload the message to Google.”

You will have an option to either select the Cancel option or the Search Web option. This way the information can be verified and users will know the truth.

For those unaware, forwarded messages on the app are already labelled as ‘Forwarded.’ Also, users are allowed to send only five forwarded messages on a day.

The steps comes at a time when the world is dealing with coronavirus outbreak and it has become very important to curb the spread of misinformation. The Indian Government, WHO, and the UN are using WhatsApp to spread awareness around the disease. They have launched dedicated WhatsApp chatbots so that users can reach out to the helpline numbers and get to know of the correct Coronavirus-related information.

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