Nirbhaya – The final moments before a hanging

Nirbhaya - The final moments before a hanging
Nirbhaya – The final moments before a hanging

New Delhi, Mar 20: The last minute preparations for the hanging of the four killers in the Nirbhaya case has been completed.

The hangman Pawan woke up at 3.30 am to oversee the preparations. The convicts were subject to a medical test and were declared fit and fine for the hanging.

Here is what takes place in the final minutes:

  • On the day of the execution the superintendent, deputy superintendent, assistant superintendent in charge and medical officer shall be present at the gallows.
  • An executive magistrate deputed by the district magistrate shall attend the execution and countersign the warrant.
  • If the prisoner so desires, a priest of his faith may be allowed, at the discretion of the superintendent, to be present at the place of execution, subject to the requirements of security and prison discipline. The relatives of the prisoner and other prisoners shall not be allowed to witness the execution.
  • The superintendent may, however, permit social scientists, psychologists, psychiatrists, etc. who are conducting research to be present.
  • At the time of the execution prisoners of all categories shall be kept locked up until the execution is over.
  • The night before the execution the prisoner shall be provided with the food of his choice. The next day two hours before the execution he shall be woken up and ordered to take a bath. A fresh set of clothes are then provided to him and the moment is he is out of the cell, his face shall be hooded and hands bound
  • The prisoner shall be allowed to see the gallows. The prisoner will be made to walk through the passageway which is around 20 metres and is covered in less than a minute.
  • Once the execution is carried out, the body shall remain suspended for half an hour and will be taken down only once the medical officer has certified the prisoner as dead. The body will be disposed off according to religious requirements.
  • In case the family members of the family make a request in writing, the superintendent may hand over the body on the condition that no public display is made when the cremation or the burial takes place.

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