Eminem’s Godzilla has the most interesting comments on YouTube


Rapper Eminem shocked rap enthusiasts with his talent when he dropped ‘Godzilla’ which features rapid-fire flow from the 47-year-old rapper (and a cameo from the late Juice WRLD). While the song debuted at number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, it has spawned some very interesting comments from YouTubers.

A video of the song uploaded on YouTube has raked in almost 4.5 million views. Here are some of the interesting comments below the video which deserve a mention here:

Mario Castillo comments: There’s a lady that goes to Em’s concerts to translate his lyrics into sign language for the hearing impaired. If she attempts that feat with this song she might be appointed as the next Hokage.

Milos Reljic writes: Eminem: makes rap god

Eminem: waiting for someone to beat it

Nobody beats it*

Also Eminem: fine I will do it myself!

A YouTube user by the name of SixFootCroissant commented:

Eminem: Raps at insane speed

YouTube subtitles: You weren’t supposed to do that

Another wrote:

Eminem: made the fastest Rap ever 7 years ago

Eminem: I am about to end this man’s whole career

Matteo de pascali writes:

My friend: “what is The WiFi password?”

I: 2:58

In case you didn’t get what the comments are about, they’re paying homage to the blistering pace at which the Hip Hop veteran raps at 02:57 to 03:28.

Some entertainment portals (who miraculously kept track of Shady’s lyrics) claimed he had broken his own Rap God record by spitting the most number of words in less than a minute.

World record or not, Eminem surely keeps us entertained. His longevity in the rap game ensures his fans do the same. 

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