‘Cannot do terror politics just because we have numbers’: Chandra Kumar Bose on CAA

BJP leader Chandra Kumar Bose

‘Cannot do terror politics just because we have numbers’: Chandra Kumar Bose on CAA

Amid continuing protests against CAA, NRC taking place in the country, West Bengal BJP vice president Chandra Kumar Bose said that he has suggested to the party leadership that with a little modification, the entire opposition campaign will fizzle out. Bose feels that there is a need to specifically state that it (CAA) is meant for persecuted minorities.

“Our job is to explain to people that we are right and they are wrong. You cannot be abusive. Just because we have numbers today we cannot do terror politics. Let us go to people explaining benefits of CAA,” Chandra Kumar Bose mentioned,” Bose said.

Further speaking on the controversial act, Chandra Kumar Bose said, “Once a Bill has been passed as an Act, it is binding on the state governments, that is the legal position but in a democratic country you cannot thrust any Act on the citizens of our country,” he added.

Why not include Muslims in CAA, asks Chandra Kumar Bose

Earlier in December, Chandra Kumar Bose has said that if the act is not related to religion then why not include Muslims in it. Demanding transparency in the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), 2019, Chandra Kumar Bose said, “if it was not related to any religion, then Muslims should also be included.”

“If CAA, 2019 is not related to any religion why are we stating – Hindu, Sikh, Buddhists, Christians, Parsis and Jains only! Why not include Muslims as well? Let’s be transparent,” he tweeted.

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