What did you learn too late in life?

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What did you learn too late in life?

  1. Don’t fall in love unless you are settled in life.
  2. Never be friends with your ex.
  3. Friends are temporary.
  4. Friends become ‘contacts’ or ‘acquaintances’ with time.
  5. Nobody cares about your problems.
  6. Don’t share your personal problems with any random person.
  7. Parents are the only ones who truly love you.
  8. Your parents may stop supporting you if you fail repeatedly.
  9. Buying house is not compulsory.
  10. Help your loved ones.
  11. Don’t wish for comfort if you want to improve.
  12. Invest in yourself. Try to get better day by day.
  13. Talk less. Listen more.
  14. Appreciate the good things or people.
  15. Save enough money.
  16. Money is almost everything in life. You are handicapped without money.
  17. Travel whenever you get the chance.
  18. Never miss an opportunity you once wished for.
  19. Stay healthy. Exercise daily. Life is uncertain.
  20. Family comes first. Everything else is secondary.
  21. Compromise only if it benefits your family.
  22. Chase your dreams. Never look back!
  23. Never forget your bad days.
  24. Never hesitate to do you feel from heart (if its right).
  25. Do comment if you read all 24 points.
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