Priyanka Gandhi team in UP,,Congress expels 10 party veterans for criticising.

Congress expels 10 party veterans for criticising Priyanka Gandhi team in UP

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Friday questioned the government if it allowed illegal sale and deposit of electoral bonds ahead of Karnataka assembly elections in 2018.

Quoting a media report, which alleged that SBI was pressed by the government into accepting expired electoral bonds sold in an illegal window, Priyanka Gandhi said that the government must clarify the disclosures made in the report.

“A BJP government minister on Thursday parroted a paper in front of the press, but where are the answers to questions,” the Congress general secretary said.

The party veterans have been accused of openly criticising the decisions taken by the top leadership to revamp the UPCC, holding separate meetings and indulging in media interactions to tarnish the image of the Congress party.

The expelled veterans were earlier served notice by the UPCC over indiscipline.

Sources in the UP Congress told India Today that the senior leaders are unhappy with Priyanka Gandhi’s decision to replace old leaders with young faces in the state organisation. Some veteran leaders have also opposed the appointment of Ajay Lallu as the state Congress chief.

A senior state Congress leader on the condition of anonymity said ” After Ajay Lallu replaced Raj Babbar as the state chief and new office bearers were appointed on October 7th the old guard has become unhappy. The new team of UPCC mostly have young faces and many of them were completely unknown. The veteran leaders have been completely sidelined. They are being disrespected and ignored by the new team. The party’s decision to expell the senior leaders will send a very negative message. This will further escalate tension between the old-timers and young faces.”

Meanwhile, the expelled leaders will be jointly holding a press conference in Lucknow on Monday. They are expected to seek time from Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi and raise their concerns in front of her.

Unhappy with the exclusion of old-timers from UPCC, many party leaders including former MPs and MLAs also boycotted the meeting called at the state headquarters in Lucknow on Wednesday.

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