From Yakub Memom to Afzal Guru: Here is what their last wish was before they were hanged

New Delhi, Jan 23: The killers of Nirbhaya are yet to make a last wish, before they are executed. Their execution has been slated for February 1. The authorities at the Tihar jail said that they are yet to hear back from the four convicts about their last wish. Once they give it in writing, the…

$80 Million bounty for Trump’s head announced on Iran TV. What we know so far

A bounty of $80 million has been placed on Donald Trump’s head. An unknown Iranian eulogist placed the bounty on the US President after the killing of top Iranian General Qasem Soleimani by the US forces. At the funeral of the slain general, $1 was collected from everyone present. As per the eulogist, 80 million Iranians contributing $1 each would mean $80 million that the country will be willing to spend to avenge the death of its most celebrated general. The Iranian government has not confirmed nor commented on reports of the bounty.