Hindus ‘Dying Out’ & Muslim Population ‘Exploding’? Fact Vs Myth

Way back in 1908, UN Mukherji wrote a book titled Hindus: A Dying Race. The book, as the title suggests, painted a gloomy picture of Hindus in India. Despite being riddled with several inaccuracies, as several scholars pointed out subsequently, the book was applauded by several Hindu organisations in the then undivided Bengal. The next…

Cuttack to Delhi, Amazon for $2-bn annual exports by Indian sellers

Buoyed by the success of Indian sellers exporting products to global markets through its e-commerce platform, Amazon has raised its target of exporting India-made products to $2 billion per year till 2025, up from its $1 billion sales in the first three years of its global selling programme in the country (May 2015-April 2018).