A Thai Pilot is Now Delivering Food on Bike after the COVID-19 Pandemic Shut Down Air Travel

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A Thai Pilot is Now Delivering Food on Bike after the COVID-19 Pandemic Shut Down Air Travel

Restrictions on air travel have brought disorder in the lives of those in the aviation industry. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of flight and cabin crews found themselves in search of alternative ways of income as they remained grounded.

The domestic tourism in Thailand started picking up after lockdown restrictions were eased, this month onwards.

Meanwhile, airline staffers have sorted job options like food delivering service by bike on the doorstep. Many others have also become drivers on ride service hailing apps and are earning vital money.

Co-pilot Nakarin Inta is no exception.

The commercial pilot, who has been in the air service for four years, is now delivering orders for a local online messenger app.

Inta told CNN Travel that some of the airline staff is on leave without pay and most of them are facing reduced incomes.

When he came across a fellow pilot’s story, Inta recognized how he could earn some money to support his wife and daughter by delivering food on his bike. He decided he will become a food delivery man.

The 42-year-old added that he is not the first and the only one to be witnessing the bare minimum multiple airlines have reduced to.

Many of his friends are taking to work side gigs as they wait to resume their regular jobs again. Many of them have not been laid off but their payout is based on individual flight assignments.

“The first time I got an order and delivered it to the customer, the feeling was great. I can do it, “says the pilot.

As he signed off he said, “I miss my colleagues, my captain, my cabin crew and dispatchers and all the staffs. And, mostly, I miss my office in the sky,” Inta was quoted as saying.

A Thai Pilot is Now Delivering Food on Bike after the COVID-19 Pandemic Shut Down Air Travel

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