Unwanted by family, Mumbai man who identified Kasab for 26/11 attacks, found lying on road

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Unwanted by family, Mumbai man who identified Kasab for 26/11 attacks, found lying on road

Harishchandra Shrivardhankar, in his late sixties, was spotted lying on a footpath in Mumbai when he was rescued by a shopowner in the vicinity. Later it was known that the man was a key witness who identified 26/11 attacks terrorist Ajmal Kasab and had even survived one of his bullets.

Shrivardhankar was thrown out of his house by his family and had been lying on the road with no food for days when he was spotted by Dean D’Souza, owner of Saath Rasta shop. He was worried about the old man’s survival and decided to help him.

Shrivardhankar had braved a bullet and even hit one of the 26/11 attacks terrorists with his bag.

Shrivardhankar was one of the main witnesses who identified Ajmal Kasab. He was injured with one of Kasab’s bullets when his accomplice Abu Ismail and him opened fire outside Cama Hospital.

When D’Souza found him on the footpath he was not in a good condition. His friend Gaikwad, who runs an NGO called IMCares for the destitute, said, “Shrivardhankar didn’t eat the food we gave him. We gave him a bath and got a barber to cut his hair. He kept mumbling few words like ‘Harishchandra’ ‘BMC’ and ‘Mahalaxmi’. This gave us a clue that he has a relative here.”

“We spent one whole day near the BMC colony and traced his brother. He told us about Shrivardhankar and said that he stays in Kalyan. He also told us about his history of 26/11 attacks,” said Gaikwad.

Gaikwad said they had to verify the information given by the brother and approached the police for help.

Agripada Police helped the senior citizen rendered helpless in the times of the pandemic. Police gave his son a special pass to travel from Kalyan in Mumbai. On May 1 evening, Shrivardhankar left for Kalyan.

“The sad part is that his family doesn’t want to take care of him and they were asking us to get him admitted to an ashram. We would like people to come forward and help this extraordinary person. He helped in the conviction of a terrorist. He has speech problem since the injury on his head,” added Gaikwad.

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