Russia calls India’s decision to send medicines ‘nobel’, says gesture will be reciprocated

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Russia calls India’s decision to send medicines ‘nobel’, says gesture will be reciprocated

Russia has called India’s decision to send hydroxychloroquine medicines, to combat the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis, as “nobel”, adding that the gesture will be reciprocated. Nikolay Kudashev, the Russian envoy to India, lauded India’s ‘comprehensive efforts’ that resulted in significant “decrease in the rate of infection”.

On India sending hydroxychloroquine, called a gamechanger drug, to Russia Kudashev said, “The generous decision of the govt of India to lift the ban on the export of important medicines to treat COVID-19 patients despite the increased demand in this country was very much appreciated in Russia.

Be sure, it will be reciprocated. In our understanding, the conducive atmosphere for this noble decision was created during earlier contact of our leaders, President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Narendra Modi followed by conversation and contact between top diplomats.”

Speaking on how Moscow and New Delhi is collaborating to deal with the crisis, he said spread of the infection is a global challenge, adding that in this battle, Russia and India fight a common enemy. “We follow closely the steps taken by the Centre and regional administrations. Comprehensive efforts resulted in a significant decrease in the rate of infection and we see a number of recoveries growing.”

“In Russia too, govt introduced various measures to tackle the diseases, apart from lockdown and social distancing, additional hospitals are started, vaccines are tested. This allows preventing the unchecked spread of the infection. Of course, people are at the centre of all our efforts during the COVID pandemic,” he said.

He added, “While keeping in mind safety pf people in Russia, we also remember the citizens stranded abroad in lockdown. The Embassy of Russia with the help of Indian authorities facilitated the repatriation of our tourist from India. So far, about 1,700 left India onboard special charted flights organised by the Russian government from Delhi and Goa from different cities and destinations of Russia. More flights are expected. At the same time, the Russian govt has provided support to Indian stranded in Russia, to ensure their safety. The Russian ministry of the interior ministry extended the visas of Indian nationals.”

Incidentally, Finance Minister S Jaishankar and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke on Thursday on the crisis during which the upcoming BRICS FM video meet, that is to take place on April 28 was also discussed.

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