‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Finale – Kandi blames Todd for upsetting Mama Joyce, fans say ‘it’s not his fault’

'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Finale - Kandi blames Todd for upsetting Mama Joyce, fans say 'it's not his fault'
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‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Finale – Kandi blames Todd for upsetting Mama Joyce, fans say ‘it’s not his fault’

For years we have witnessed Kandi Burruss’s mother Mama Joyce treat Kandi’s husband Todd Tucker awfully. It was no different during the finale of Season 12 of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’. When Kandi goes to check in on her mother, Mama Joyce again comes up with a new analogy for Kandi cautioning her about Todd’s intentions of taking away all of Kandi’s money. Mama Joyce firmly believes that Todd is with Kandi just for her money and will swoop in and take away all the money whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Kandi thankfully doesn’t buy into her mother’s theory and over the years we have seen Todd proving that he is genuinely in love with Kandi.

Later, when Kandi and her mother visit their restaurant for lunch, Todd happened to be around but he never walked up to the duo to greet them or even talk to them. This left Mama Joyce feeling upset with Todd and interprets it as her son-in-law being “disrespectful” to her.
Later in the day, Kandi and Todd have their baby shower party. Unfortunately, Mama Joyce announces that she wouldn’t be attending the baby shower because she was unhappy with Todd disrespecting her. Kandi blames Todd for the situation and the couple ends up fighting at their party. Although in the end, Todd apologizes to both Kandi and Mama Joyce, fans felt that Todd did nothing wrong.

A fan tweeted, “So is Kandi really gonna blame Todd for her moms trash a** behavior and attitude!? I get it but Mama Joyce ain’t never checked mine everyone else #RHOA.” Another fan shared, “Todd has gone above and beyond to support his family! He has been loyal for years. At some point kandi needs to back up her husband and not mama Joyce.  #RHOA.” “I’m not sure why Kandi feels like Todd should just take Mama Joyce’s abuse. That old lady disrespects this man every chance she gets. I’m glad Todd is standing up for himself #rhoa,” expressed a fan.
Many fans felt that Mama Joyce has been creating troubles in the couple’s marriage and it would be in their best interests to keep her out of their marriage. “Kandi’s blaming Todd and it’s not his fault… Mama Joyce is just trying to cause strife in their household… smh #RHOA,” wrote a fan. Another fan pointed out, “After all the sh*t Mama Joyce has talked about Todd over the years, Kandi really mad that he didn’t say hi to her one day? Letting her mother continue to drive a wedge between her and her husband can’t be good for their marriage #RHOA.”

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