Pornhub Records 95 Percent Increase in Traffic from India amid 21-Day Lockdown

Pornhub Records 95 Percent Increase in Traffic from India amid 21-Day Lockdown
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Pornhub Records 95 Percent Increase in Traffic from India amid 21-Day Lockdown

With India in lockdown to fight coronavirus, it seems many are getting “handsy” with their phones and iPads to fight the pandemic blues. As the 21-Day lockdown amid a growing number of COVID-19 cases managed to push Indians indoors, many sought comfort and solace in online pornography.

As per traffic data released by Pornhub on April 2, Indians have been increasingly hitting the site for porn since the announcement of the lockdown on March 24. Luckily for Indians, the lockdown also coincided with Pornhub’s announcement to provide a month’s worth of access to its “Premium” account for free across countries as a token of support during the tough lockdown times.

And Indians responded with full enthusiasm.

All through March, the site saw increasing traffic from India. On March 24, there was a 23 percent increase in traffic from India. By March 27, Porn Hub saw a whopping 95 percent increase in traffic from India.

Changes in traffic during coronavirus graph image
Pornhub Records 95 Percent Increase in Traffic from India amid 21-Day Lockdown

While the following week saw a slight decline, the numbers were still quite high at 64 percent on April 1, meaning Indians were clearly making the most of both social distancing and free porn.

It isn’t just India, the entire world has seen a spike in porn watching with Porn Hub recording a spike across several countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and Russia among others.

However, India recorded the highest jump.

Pornhub had initially offered free Premium subscription for a month to Italy, United States and Spain when the countries first started to record large scale infections and deaths. The offer was soon extended to all countries as the pandemic spread, making lockdowns essential across the world.

Free porn isn’t just the only “aid” Pornhub has been providing. The MindGeek owned pornographic video platform has been providing aid to actors working in the industry. It has donated $25,000 to the Sex Workers Outreach Project and also donated 15,000 surgical masks to first responders of New York City of along with 15,000 surgical masks to firefighters.

The idea, according to Pornhub’s Vice President Corey Price’s press release, behind the free porn subscription, was to encourage and more people to stay at home by using porn as an incentive.

In India, it seems to be working.

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