Invest India Business Immunity Platform – Helping businesses and investors overcome the COVID-19 challenge

Invest India Business Immunity Platform - Helping businesses and investors overcome the COVID-19 challenge

Invest India Business Immunity Platform – Helping businesses and investors overcome the COVID-19 challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic is a challenging time for small and medium businesses and start-ups especially in wake of the 21-day lockdown. In order to get Indian businesses back on track, the Centre is taking a number of steps, aimed not only to tide over these tough times but also to boost the investment climate.

With this in mind, the central government has launched, the Invest India Business Immunity Platform, a comprehensive resource to help the country’s businesses and investors get real-time updates on India’s active response to the pandemic.

The platform, which is dynamic and continuously updating, gives the latest and most relevant information on initiatives by the central and state governments, provides access to special provisions, and also answers and resolves queries through social media and emails.

Combating COVID-19

As part of this initiative, a platform has also been created to bring together key stakeholders in government, champions of the industry and logistical providers to identify and fill the shortages in demand and supply for combating COVID-19.

In this regard, Invest India is actively looking for organisations that can support in supplying critical health and safety equipment, which includes personal protective equipment, diagnostic and testing products, treatment equipment, important medicines, and components.

Key resources for all stakeholders

The platform includes a ‘COVID-19 Dashboard’, which provides the most accurate and latest information on the status of the pandemic in India. The government’s response to the pandemic is also detailed on the platform, with new updates added in real-time. Other key resources include relevant information from all the concerned ministries, and details of business decisions taken to help various sectors of the economy.

The platform includes advisories and notifications by the central and state governments, live tweets by Invest India, and the latest news on the coronavirus. Blogs on relief efforts and innovations to tackle the pandemic make it even more robust.

There is also a very comprehensive set of FAQs that is updated daily, where some of the most pertinent questions by start-ups and other businesses are answered, including key queries regarding tax exemptions and utilisation of partner resources.

Responding to business and logistical needs

In a bold step towards transparency, a Portal and Query Report gives a clear picture of the number of queries received and resolved, and the trends of the queries on a particular day. For instance, on April 2, the average query resolution time was a mere 4 hours. The response mechanism operates on a 24X7, round-the-clock basis.

The type of queries received and resolved include logistical support, plant shutdowns, notifications, clarifications, supply of essential goods and services, and Customs issues.

As part of this mission, more than 2,240 global and domestic stakeholders have already been contacted as of April 2.

There is a special focus on dealing with problems that start-ups are facing, and the initiatives include finding solutions to protect the workforce from COVID-19, fundraising in these difficult times, distribution of grants, and conducting webinars.

It is hoped that all these combined initiatives by the government and multiple stakeholders will help businesses and start-ups tide over this unexpected crisis.

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