Shocking details exposed by China’s Military Intelligence Officer on coronavirus

Shocking details exposed by China's Military Intelligence Officer on coronavirus
Shocking details exposed by China’s Military Intelligence Officer on coronavirus

The origin of the coronavirus has always been shrouded in controversy and a lot of theories have been doing …

The origin of the coronavirus has always been shrouded in controversy and a lot of theories have been doing the rounds about what exactly the virus is all about and its origin. Now exposing China a military intelligence officer from the country has revealed some shocking details. Keeping his identity a secret the official has revealed the real truth about the virus which has wreaked havoc infected many across the globe. The officer has said that China lied on coronavirus and the real story can overthrow the govt from power.

What is the real truth

To begin with, The intelligence officer who wrote the article is also a member of the Communist Party of China. This official has claimed that China wanted to stop the fire of protests in Hong Kong. For which Xi Jinping was doing such a biological agent which if sprinkled on the protesters below the helicopter, then the one on whom it falls will become mentally deranged or its behavior will change. This officer who wrote the article was also a part of that project in China. 
This project was called off because the Hong Kong display was under the eye of the world and spraying such a biological agent could be very dangerous and would also get the attention of the world, so China figured out a very dangerous way. China tested Islamic fundamentalists to test this biological weapon. China tested it at a training camp in Jinjiang province and when China tested this dangerous agent on people’s bodies, the results were frightening. With the use of that agent, the body of those people on whose body the test started to melt.

The American connection

According to a Chinese official, the Intelligence Agency of America had also received the news of this biological agent and the CIA was also showing interest in it. The US had already caught the virus that China made in the lab. The Chinese official wrote in his article, Why the deal could not be reached on the transaction of virus between China and America. The official wrote, “Our American friends also showed interest in the virus. We have good relations with the CIA but because it was very dangerous, we refused. The CIA felt that we had made a very powerful thing and China It wants to keep it to itself. The US Intelligence Agency offered a large sum of money to a Chinese researcher and demanded that virus. The researcher sold a sample of the virus to the US agency Sector was ready.

When the US agent was dealing with the virus from China’s researcher, China got a clue. There was a shootout in which many people died. However, the American agent managed to escape. This shoot out took place near the animal market, and the vial in which the sample of the virus fell on it. This is the reason why this virus spread in Wuhan. China tried to hide it by saying that it spread with bats. China lied to people that only the flu has spread in Wuhan, but gradually the whole world was caught by the virus that China had made in its lab.

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