China offers to build hospitals to control coronavirus outbreak in India

China offers to build hospitals to control coronavirus outbreak in India
China offers to build hospitals to control coronavirus outbreak in India

New Delhi, Mar 29: Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, China has offered to build makeshift hospitals in India. The make-shift hospitals would be like the ones that were built at Wuhan, where the virus was reported first.

An article in the Global Times says that the country’s companies may help build make-shift hospitals in India. Beijing is in touch with New Delhi to coordinate a response to the pandemic.

Chinese companies already in the South Asian nation can offer help including aiding the locals to build makeshift hospitals like those in Wuhan, the article said.

Chinese enterprises have started making donations to India, Ji Rong, the spokesperson in the Embassy of China in New Delhi had said earlier this week.

We stand ready to provide further support and assistance to the best of our capacity in the light of the needs of the Indian side, she had also said.

Chinese companies working on existing projects in India, with sufficient supply networks in place, can take over the construction of the make-shift hospitals like those in Wuhan upon India’s invitation, the article also said.

The spokesperson said that India had gifted China surgical masks, defibrillators, gloves and other medical equipment. We express appreciation and thanks for that. China has timely shared its experience in epidemic prevention and control, diagnostics and treatment since the outbreak of the pandemic, she also said.

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