Coronavirus epidemic may end the world – United Nations (Quickclarity news)

The corona virus epidemic has caused the whole world to panic. On Wednesday, the United Nations launched humanitarian initiatives, including an appeal for two billion dollars of aid to the world’s poorest people, saying that the corona virus epidemic is threatening the entire human race.

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Announcing the initiative, UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutaras said, ‘The corona virus is threatening the whole of humanity and the entire human race must fight it. Global action and solidarity are very important. Nothing more will be achieved by working alone.

Coronavirus epidemic may end the world - United Nations (Quickclarity news)
Coronavirus epidemic may end the world – United Nations
(Quickclarity news)

As of last Wednesday, the number of people who died of Corona virus worldwide has increased to 19,246.

According to news agency AFP calculations, 427,940 cases were reported in 181 countries after the first case of the virus was reported in China in December. In Italy, 6,820 people have died due to this virus and 69,176 people have been infected and 8,326 people have been cured.

The death toll in Spain has exceeded that of China. In Spain, it has killed 3,434 people and infected 47,610 people. Corona virus has killed 3,281 people in China and 81,218 cases have been reported. Iran is among the other countries affected by the Corona virus where 2,077 people died and 27,017 people were infected.

In France, 1,100 people died due to the virus and 22,302 cases have been reported. At the same time, the death toll is increasing. 2,26,340 cases of the virus have been reported in Europe, while 12,719 people died. Its 99,805 cases were reported in Asia and 3,593 people have died.

After the deadly corona virus cases crossed 65,000 in the US and more than 1,000 people died, President Donald Trump approved major disaster-related announcements on public health for several states, including New York, the worst affected by this global pandemic.

According to Johns Hopkins Corona Virus Tracker,

1,031 people have died and 68,572 have been infected with the Corona virus in the US.

After China and Italy, America ranks third in the highest number of infections.

In addition to declaring a national emergency, the President has approved major disaster declarations for New York

, California, Washington, Iowa, Louisiana, North Carolina, Texas and Florida.

This is probably the first time in recent history when major disaster declarations on public health have been approved in more than six states.

Coronavirus epidemic may end the world – United Nations

(Quickclarity news)

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