KCR slams officials for not being on the ground

KCR slams officials for not being on the ground
KCR slams officials for not being on the ground

Hyderabad: Telangana chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao in a press meet on Tuesday slammed the officials in the state, asking why the elected representatives are not leading the fight against coronavirus in their own constituencies.

‘I am surprised that since the Covid-19 broke out only the police and officers are seen on the roads. What are the elected representatives doing? The people elected us to serve them. Let all the ministers except the Health, Municipal and Agriculture minister rush to their districts and MLAs and MLCs to their respective segments and lead the initiatives of the state government to contain the spread of the virus,’ Mr Rao said.

The CM also announced that a night curfew has been imposed across the state from tonight.

The curfew will be in force from 7 pm to 6 am, till further orders. He called upon ministers, MLAs, MLCs and elected representatives of local bodies, primary cooperative societies and marketing committees to swing into action to serve the people.

Addressing a press conference after taking stock of the lock down in the state in a high level meeting at Pragathi Bhavan, he said, ‘It is essential that we take all care and introduce measures to ensure that the virus does not spread in the state.’

He said people should not create such a situation where clamping of a complete curfew, then issuing shoot-at-sight orders and then calling in the Army to control the situation will occur. He appealed to the people to be self-restrained and cooperate with the government to contain the spread of the pandemic.

He warned traders and merchants he would send them to jail under the Preventive Detention Act if they were found selling essential commodities at exorbitant prices.

He said he was pained to hear that some traders were selling vegetables and grocery items at a high price.

He warned that their trade licences would be cancelled and they would be placed on a permanent blacklist if they disobeyed.

The CM also announced that shops have to be closed by 6 pm and anyone flouting this order would have their licences cancelled immediately.

No vehicle or people will be allowed out during the night curfew. In case of medical emergencies or death, dial 100 and the official machinery will reach the person and make arrangements as per their requirement, the CM said.

The Chief inister announced that in rural areas agricultural operations, works under MNERGA, and also construction of irrigation projects will be allowed during the day time.

He said 3,400 vehicles carrying goods to the state were stranded at interstate border checkposts. They will be allowed into the state and will be exempt from paying toll.

Farmers are not to worry about the procurement of paddy and maize as the officers concerned will visit their villages and procure their products at their doorsteps.

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