SHOCKING: Brothers hoarded 17,700 bottles of hand sanitisers for profit amid coronavirus crisis – WATCH

Brothers hoarded 17,700 bottles of hand sanitisers for profit amid coronavirus crisis - WATCH
Brothers hoarded 17,700 bottles of hand sanitisers for profit amid coronavirus crisis – WATCH

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread to different regions, the demand for essential goods is reaching new highs. However, the two most sought after products in the market are hand sanitisers and toilet rolls.

The outbreak has triggered panic in many countries with people queueing up at supermarkets to buy sanitizers and other necessities. In Australia, the demand for toilet rolls has been so high that brawls have broken out in stores and a newspaper had to print blank pages in a bid to tackle the shortage.

As for sanitisers, many are trying different schemes of profit by hoarding the product.

A 13-year-old schoolboy from the UK tried to earn some pocket money by selling hand sanitiser squirts to his classmates. Oliver Cooper’s scheme did not work for long as he was suspended from his school for trying to make a profit.

But his stockpile of hand sanitisers is paltry compared to that of Matt and Noah Colvin of Tennessee, USA. Believe it or not, the brothers have stockpiled 17,700 bottles of hand sanitisers in a bid to nake profit during the coronavirus outbreak. But their business idea has backfired as they are didn’t find too many takers.

According to reports, Matt and Noah travelled thousands of kilometers to buy as many bottles of sanitisers as they could. They spent around $10,000 to $15,000 on their entire haul and hoped to sell them the $1 bottles for $70.

But their business idea didn’t go as planned after Amazon put a block on accounts trying to make money from the global pandemic. As a result, they are still left with their factory-sized stock of sanitisers.

To add to their woes, the brothers received death threats from unknown callers and a ‘cease and desist’ order from the Tennessee Attorney General for charging unreasonable prices for sanitisers, masks, and other essential items. A video tweeted by a WRCB reporter shows the people from the Attorney General’s office picking up sanitiser boxes from a storage unit to facilitate a donation drive.

Now, Matt is donating the remainder of the stock to communities in need. The Attorney General’s Office confirmed that a portion of the stock was donated to a local church and the rest of it will go to Kentucky.

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