COVID-19: Man infected with coronavirus in Japan goes to bars to ‘spread the virus’

COVID-19: Man infected with coronavirus in Japan goes to bars to ‘spread the virus’

Man infected with coronavirus in Japan goes to bars to ‘spread the virus’

A Japanese man in his 50s who tested positive for coronavirus intentionally visited two bars “to spread the disease”, before Hazmat-clad police took him to hospital. The patient, who showed no symptoms of the virus, tested positive for the disease on Wednesday – which has killed more than 3,500 with at least 100,000 diagnoses worldwide. Both of his parents were diagnosed with coronavirus.

After testing positive for coronavirus, was sent home by medics and was told to self-isolate at home until doctors could find a space for him at a medical facility.

According to Mirror UK, instead of following medical advice, he allegedly decided to take a taxi to an izakaya bar after telling one of his family members: “I am going to spread the virus.”

He left the first bar and went to to a Filipino bar where after eating and finishing several drinks, he announced to revellers that he ‘tested positive’ for the disease which has infected more than 1,000 in Japan following which a staff member alerted a local health centre.

Officers from the Gamagori Police Station, dressed in protective suits, arrived at the second bar only to find that the man had already returned home by taxi.

A staff member said: ‘I can’t get this straight in my head.

‘I cannot express it in words since I only have anger.’

Both establishments are undergoing sterilisation and staff members, as well as customers, are now undergoing examinations. While the man has been taken to a medical centre for treatment.

Officials held a press conference and apologised for the incident, with the city’s mayor, Toshiaki Suzuki, saying: ‘It is highly regrettable that he did not remain home as instructed.

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