This Maharaja used to satisfy his 365 queens with lanterns, you would be surprised to know

This Maharaja used to satisfy his 365 queens with lanterns, you would be surprised to know

Maharaja Bhupinder Singh was the Maharaja of Patilaya. Then the country was not even free and this king had 720 princely terms in India. The hobbies of this king were very colorful.

This king had 365 queens. To satisfy them, he had made a different rule. But before getting to know about it, let’s know about his royal hobbies. He used to eat at a dinner set of 17 crores and wore a necklace studded with 2,930 diamonds, which today cost him $ 25 million (166 crores) to show his wealth.

The palace was very attractive

The fort of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh is spread over an area of ​​10 acres in the center of the city of Patiala.

This fort was very beautiful, on which carvings and a variety of artifacts were made, which were built under the supervision of Maharaja Narendra Singh

Leelabhavan made for Enjoyment

The Maharaja had built a new den for his enjoyment, whose name was ‘Lilabhavan’. People used to enter here only without clothes and there were provocative paintings on the walls and Kamasutra. There was also a swimming pool where 150 men and women could bathe at a time.

This rule was made to keep 365 queens satisfied

Zaramani Das has written in his book, Bhupinder Singh ruled the old princely state of Patiala from the year 1900 to 1938. She had 365 queens and tried a different way to spend time with them. Every day 365 lanterns were lit in the palace of Maharaja Patiala on which the names of his 365 queens were written. The lantern that was extinguished in the morning read the name of the queen written on that lantern and spent the night with her.

‘Ranji Trophy’ begins

The credit for promoting cricket in India also goes to Maharaja Bhupinder Singh. He built two stadiums in Mumbai and Amritsar. The Maharaja started the ‘Ranji Trophy’ to pay homage to Prince Ranjit Singh.

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