China was making Corona virus to destroy another country! 39 years old evidence revealed

China was making Corona virus to destroy another country! 39 years old evidence revealed

China: Today there is terror of Corona or Kovid 19 in the whole world. So far this virus has killed more than a thousand people and about 82 thousand people are in the grip of it. No cure has been found for this virus. Because of this, the whole world is worried about this virus. The virus that started from the meat market of Wuhan, China is such that the city has been closed. Nevertheless, this virus is spreading rapidly. Meanwhile, some pages of a book are going viral on social media.

An article has appeared in the South China Morning Post book 39 years ago . According to this article, this book was written in 1981, 39 years ago.

The book was titled The Eyes of Darkness. The book had the story of a mother who was looking for a son who went on a secret mission. But his son is hit by a virus named Wuhan 400. Everything written about the virus in this book has surprised everyone. This book, written 39 years ago, mentions the corona virus. Its author is Dean Kuntz.

So what was the weapon to do? 

The virus mentioned in the book was made as a secret weapon. It was built in Wuhan. China made this biological weapon to destroy enemy countries, but the people of its own city are affected by it. Something similar to the story of the book is happening in China right now. This virus has also spread from Wuhan itself. And now it is engulfing the whole world.

The news of the conspiracy was revealed 

after the outbreak of the corona virus in the world, it was also reported that the virus was spread from the Virology Lab in Wuhan, China. But the Chinese government denied it. Now reading this book written 39 years ago, many people are surprised and many are surprised. Now some people really feel that this virus is the weapon of China, which accidentally spread in his own country.

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