Bigg Boss 13: Gauahar Khan blasts Shehnaaz Gill for taking insults from Sidharth Shukla, her fans call it ‘love’

Bigg Boss 13: Gauahar Khan is disappointed with Shehnaaz Gill who continues to be friends with Sidharth Shukla despite his numerous insults.

Bigg Boss 13: Shehnaaz Gill and Sidharth Shukla continue to be friends despite their numerous fights.

Actor and Bigg Boss 7 winner Gauahar Khan is disappointed with Bigg Boss 13 contestant Shehnaaz Gill for continuing to woo fellow contestant Sidharth Shukla despite being insulted by him repeatedly. Reacting to the latest episode in which Sidharth called Shehnaaz ‘gandh (dirt)’ and she took it in her stride, Gauahar asked Shehnaaz if she had any self respect.

Recalling Sidharth and Shehnaaz’s fight in the last episode, Gauahar wrote on Twitter, “First time agree with sidhharth when he asked shehnaaz, self respect nahi hai kya ??? He asked her to F off , called her Gandh(dirt) , said teri jaisi again …. n she still runs after …. sad for her no more !”

Shehnaaz was upset with Sidharth who chose to save Paras Chhabra from evictions instead of her. Shehnaaz and Sidharth have been good friends inside the Bigg Boss 13 house. When she expressed her anger about how Sidharth doesn’t support her, he got upset and told her in rage that he had used her for his gain. He asked her to keep away from him and shooed her away, calling her ‘gandh (dirt)’ but she allowed him to call her names. She continued her attempts to cheer him up and eventually slept next to him.

shouldn’t take any more insults. A viewer asked, “And still people say Sidnaaz is emotion. Matlab Wtf This is you people are showing to society, this is how couples get along???” Another said, “It’s not about the cameras. Camera or no camera, you should never give anyone the power to treat you this way, abuse you this way, insult you this way. This is sick. N if sana is loved, she should know her worth and not accept this behaviour. This is not how woman should be.”

However, a large section of the viewers labelled their behaviour as true love. A viewer wrote, “True definition of Self-Respect. If U really love & understand ur partner emotions.U won’t bring ur ego in between. Loved the way Sana was trying to calm Sid down & kept her promise that She made wid Vikas that She won’t let aggressive Side of Sid to come out.” Another asked her, “Madam kabhi pyar hua hai kisi se ?? (Have you ever been in love?).”

One more viewer asked her, “u can see all this but u can’t see the pain&hurt in his voice when he was sharing his feelings that he was prepared to not to get attached to anyone but got attached didn’t u see that y would u see that bcoz u only see wht u want to see support ur favs but don’t degrade sid.” A reader even went on to target Gauahar and asked, “Coz she loves her and she understands sids anger. Sid also comes to her again and again. Thats their chemistry. Y ur jealous..???”

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