so-called reality show and Biased season of bigg boss 13

Get Quickclarity about the biggest reality show of india Bigg boss (presented by colorstv)

Scripted ! so-called reality show! Bigg boss 13

Scripted ? so-called reality show and Biased season of bigg boss 13

This season of bigg boss is seems scripted because contestants evicted in this house and they came back, and this happened many times. This season no rules will be applying. contestants break all the rules of the reality show.and noone entrupted even bigg boss also seem corrupted in this season of bigg boss. Contestants don’t use English language but they doing it everyday everytime and bigg boss saying nothing. Contestants is been physical .Everyday getting pushed because they dont want to ruined his courier.

bigg boss also breaks his own rules. Why they dragging contestants personal life and revealing out in front of Indian television without contestants permission.

Contestant Sidharth shukla agressively behavior will be tolerated at high note but not action will be taken. Why ? Is there standing on any rules of his own reality show. That shows that the show is getting scripted now. Indian Audience and the viewers of show saying that we are getting frustrated day by day watching this show on my televisions.

This season Bigg boss 13 looks like is in favour and biased towards sidharth shukla. Looks like we already know whats going to happen in this season and the winner of bigg boss 13.

Viewers says that Our life is in distressing by watching bigg boss 13. But show running well and right now the most viewed television show third position takes bigg boss.if they revealing celebrity personal life then obviously the show will get the high trp rates. That’s the only reason the show gets the third position at the chart of most viewed shows of Indian television.

Now we talked about some facts on how bigg boss biased and what they doing.
Many points or facts we can give you and talk about in this article. And this article will be updated day by day now till the show ends. in this article we share with you Quickclarity own opinions and thoughts on bigg boss 13.

To know about the Quickclarity thoughts and opinions about bigg boss 13. The Biggest Reality Show Of India.

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First clarity fact
When every time caller of week taking side of sidharth shukla every time channel will  try to improve sidharth channel help him with hints like example this Saturday Shehnaaz is questionable of sidnaaz that she betray him not him clearly.

Second Clarityfacts
Always they told Asim to control but why he will not tell sid to understand and control your agression or say that sidharth you are wrong.

Third Clarityfacts

why bigg boss always degrade Asim or  demotivate Asim ort other contestants. these things clearly shown bigg boss biased towards other contestants and made sidharth feel right about these decision.
sidharth always did wrong and doesn’t face any warning.

Asim and sidharth matter in bb house.

First both are in friends in the beginning when Asim told him to listen me also when I say you don’t listen.
In starting clearly seems Sid take him as less privileged than him he try to say it many time In many ways.
he had some issues and the issue is that he doesn’t need him to grow more than him sidharth jealous with Asim riaz.
Because they doing it very well in the show.

Main reason behind the fight between Asim and Sidharth shukla

It’s all fault of Sidharth .it’s a fact that he will not take defeat as a sporting way Sid always take it personally that I am not looser but actually he is looser I am saying him looser because the looser only did like this or react like this.

Viewers reviews and comments about sidharth shukla

Sidharth is one of the looser who actually defeated by his own life
he’s advice shown that clearly he is looser in life.
He is talk like a slum boy
Who voted him to stay in bigg boss house
Sidharth body shakes like who take enough steroids and that streiod gave him that aggression.for that he is so out of his control
Sid become senior citizen but he’s mind is still 15 year kid.
Bell budhi hai sala
Real seaver(gatar) Sidharth shukla.
Sid is at mature age but he reacts like a amature.

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