India’s ‘Rapunzel’ sets new Guinness World Record with her 6-feet, 2.8-inch hair

India’s ‘Rapunzel’ sets new Guinness World Record with her 6-feet, 2.8-inch hair

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The story of Rapunzel is an all-time classic. To briefly explain the fairy tale, Rapunzel was a young maiden who was trapped in a tower by a wicked witch who took her from her parents at birth. However, the most talked-about feature of the story is Rapunzel’s long hair that went right down to the bottom of the tower.

In 2018, the fairly-tale came to life courtesy a Gujarati girl, whose long locks set a Guinness World Record for the longest hair on a teenager.

Just over a year later, Nilanshi Patel has now set a new world record with her hair that now measures 6 feet and 2.8 inches, a 7.8-inch growth since 2019.

Guinness World Record recently posted a picture on Instagram of Nilanshi spreading her hair on a white surface.

“Longest hair on a teenager record holder Nilanshi Patel from India was recently remeasured – her lengthy locks now reach 190 cm (6 ft 2.8 in)!” Guinness World Records wrote on Instagram.

Often dubbed as ‘Rapunzel’ by friends, Nilanshi says her long hair was the result of a bad haircut she received at the age of six. Since then, she has never cut her hair. On being asked about the maintenance of her hair, the 17-year-old said she washes it once a week and applies a homemade oil that is prepared by her mother.

She says it takes about half an hour for her hair to dry and hour to comb the long locks.

“I love my hair, I never want to get my hair chopped. It was my mom’s dream to get my name in the Guinness book of the world record. I am happy that I made to the Guinness Book of World Records. There is a new world in my life. The entire world has started knowing me,” the 17-year-old told news agency ANI.

Nilanshi wants to set more world records in the future, including one for the longest hair on an adult.

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