CJI Bobde opens up on anti-CAA protests, says citizens have duties along with rights

CJI Bobde opens up on anti-CAA protests, says citizens have duties along with rights

Newly appointed Chief Justice of India, Sharad Bobde, on Saturday opened up on the ongoing protests against the amended Citizenship Act. CJI bobde has reiterated that citizenship was not just about people’s rights but also their duties towards society. “You all have a responsibility to be an active citizen too and citizenship is not jus about rights but it is equally about your duties towards society,” he said at a facilitation event organised by Nagpur Municipal Corporation.

CJI Bobde emphasized the importance of ‘justice to all’ in today’s world.

“I have always believed that donating justice is a sacred duty. It is a natural right for every person in the country to get justice. Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar reiterated this fact not only from the Constitution but also from the 1956 revolution. The imagination of justice varies from person to person, time and situation. It cannot be tied to any one frame,” he said.

He further added, “What is justified today may not be justified tomorrow. But it is ok to expect justice and use appropriate tools for it. Along with the imagination of justice, rights and duties are equally important. Some people think that they only have rights and no duties. According to me, along with rights, duty is equally important.”

“If we do not follow our duties then there will be an imbalance in the society,” he signed off with.

Protests broke out in the aftermath of the government amending the citizenship law to give citizenship to Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Afghani nationals who have faced persecution on grounds of religion in their own country. This law however excluded Muslims from the list of religions eligible for getting citizenship under this new law. The government cited the reason as the three mentioned countries being Muslim majority countries and that Muslims would not get persecuted on grounds of religion in Muslim countries.

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