Granny’s reaction after unwrapping gift that she wanted for 20 years goes viral

Granny’s reaction after unwrapping gift that she wanted for 20 years goes viral

72nd birthday, was not able to control her excitement when she received the gift she had been waiting for over 20 years — a Brahmin purse. The video was shared by the woman’s granddaughter Zahria Lavette Palmer of Flint, Michigan along with a caption that read, ‘My granny turned 72 years old yesterday. Enjoy her opening the purse shes been wanting for 20 years.’

Viewed over 11 million times, the viral clip features Palmer’s grandmother opening her birthday present.

On realising what the gift is, the granny immediately lets out a scream expressing her excitement before unwrapping the bag and jumping along with it.

With over 9 lakh likes and over one lakh retweets, the post went viral on social media and prompted reactions from many including the official Twitter account of the luxury brand. ‘This makes us so happy! We’d love to help spread the holiday cheer and send your grandmother a little something! Could you please send us a private message to coordinate?’ read the tweet.


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