Emiway new song “Pagal sa rapper”(reactions reviews)know some real facts

Emiway new song ‘pagal sa rapper’ is released today at 11:15 am and this song looks like this song is one of the best songs emiway has ever made. I can say it because in this article I am sharing my own thoughts and opinions about this song. I follow Desi hip hop and rap songs very closely well if you are curious to know about which Desi hip hop rap artist I like and follow then leave a comment below after reading the article tell me if you want me to right about that topic of article or not.

Let stay on the current topic and forget about the other things.

Pagal sa rapper when you read the tittle you can little bit guessed that what topic he is gonna talk about everyone think differently and everyone has the different opinion about the artist.but fans always hope for best to get and sometime artist can fulfill your needs what you actually wants to hear and sometime don’t but in other way hardcore fans like that when artist song gonna release any minute they stick to the social media platforms updates like a fevicol and I appreciate those fans.

Let’s just talk about some facts.( I am not goona look like professor who cut points in every single spelling mistakes) honest my own reviews about this song.

  • First thing In the starting of song when he was looking in the mirror his own decent shadow like everyone wants to but he don’t want to be like that means decent that he is not and the song starting by breaking the mirror.
  • second thing I like starting line me Pagal sa rapper hu and the beat stop and the second of silence.
  • Third thing is the second line when his picture looks up side down ( tottaly opposite) clearly shown and matches with like I mention in the second point and upside down emiway from the broken miror pieces is my fav part of this video

This are the practical example of my best parts of this song video3 points 3 pictures

First point
Second point
Third point

Mistakes in the video which look bad

  • First mistake that from the good 1 and 2 facts but the second line didn’t match with the video

Me Pagal sa rapper hu ye sabko PTA hai

  • Ye sabko PTA hai aj me kuch bhi nhi hu,par boht jaldi boht kuch,tyaar hu Dene phatke mere baare bol kuch,bol kuch jab me samne khada hu,tu bhi janta hai Mai tujhse bada h-

if you read it technicaly didn’t match in the first line he said that I am nobody everybody knows and read the next four lines he is only talking I me myself and in the fourth line read what he said you Kno that I am bigger than you.

  • Akal se shakal se nakal se kyoki me nakal se,dekha kitne logo ko mere nakal se,aage bade fir aage khadela hu,yaha Tak ane ko kitna kuch jhela hu,khela hu pela hu,kumb ja me mela hu,bantae ki boli ka shabdo ka thela hu,har jagah fela hu,na kisika chela hu,sum sum me sum sum me kitni ki le RHA hu,hip hop ja chehra hu,batoon se yela hu,Pagal sa rapper me ebu hatela hu.

This part i must say very good with some real facts in the four lines of starting you can feel that little bit low vocabulary but after that he killed till the verse ends.i don’t feel that actually I think people will like that because not everyone look up to the every single line.

  • Baap na mane mendki or beta Terranbaaz hai

I think this saying is beta teeran daaz not teeran baaz I think that’s his toungue problem or anything else I don’t know many words fumble in the song but I told I will not be a professor.

Good lines of songs actually I like the whole song feel which I appreciated.

Let know which lines I am talking about

  • Typist tightkicks sab kuch hai tight tight,rang se hu Kala par Dil pura white white, hight White apni Puri rapcheek hai puch mujhse kitne ladki bohtcheek hai aaooo, jra pyar se smjhata hu,zindgi ke maze me kaise uthata hu,
  • Ye baat sabko PTA hai,
  • Jake check Kar insta ki story Meri gale me hai Sona kyoki me na bappi lehri,fir bhi agli pappi leri ahummha thobde pe mere ha chumma,lga karunga me rap,
  • tujhko peena hai to neegaho se pee ,labo se piya to buri baat hai,hahaha
  • Shuru shuru me sabke piche boht bhaage,Hip hop ka scene pohcha boht aage,gaane mere phatke dete,bohtchahre gaane ke barsadu taare kholta reh, boht hard hai
  • Poochte swaal mujhse
  • Do not Underestimates warning part is also good.
  • Sochalya c inki soch pohch agge ,Rasta mera alag Baki uljhe sare phuk phak ke,nakli fans Tupac ke,ghumrele market me to ension mat le agle tu nhi hai target pe forget be
  • Apun bhul gaye,ache kaam karke soche paap inke dhul gye
  • Baap inke bhul gye fir beta kyu naraaz hai
  • Baap na mane mendki or beta Terran baaz hai

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