‘Bollywood and cricket the real stars of India-Afghanistan relations'(quickclarity news)
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‘Bollywood and cricket the real stars of India-Afghanistan relations’

What is the relationship between Afghanistan and India? This was told by Roya Rahmani, senior Afghanistan diplomat, at a seminar on Indo-Afghan relations in Washington. Afghanistan diplomat says that cricket and Bollywood are the biggest bridge in strengthening India-Afghanistan relations. He referred to cricket and Greater Noida in improving cultural relations with India. He said that India promoted Afghanistan’s cricket by making Cricket Stadium an official stadium of Afghanistan at Shaheed Vijay Singh Pathik Sports Complex in Greater Noida.

The cricket stadium was made the home ground of Afghanistan in the year 2015 in Greater Noida.

Former Pakistan captain Inzamamul-ul-Haq came here as the coach of Afghanistan team.  After this, the Afghanistan team played a four-day match and three one-day matches with the Ireland team here.  Taking training here, the Afghan team has performed well in the World Cup 2015.

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