Mehhar jesia and Arjuna rampalia  divorce,broken 21 years old relationship

Mumbai. A beautiful couple of Bollywood is officially separated now after 21 years, yes, we are talking about the dashing star of Hindi cinema Arjun Rampal and his wife Meher Jessia, who are officially divorced and With this, both of their 21-year marriage came to an end, though both of them were living separately for a long time, both of them divorced from the Family Court on Tuesday by mutual consent, tell that these days Arjun Rampal has been living with his girlfriend Gabrela.

Arjun Rampal’s house broken after 21 years

Significantly, Arjun Rampal married Meher Jessia in 1998, on 28 May 2018, the two decided to separate after 20 years of marriage and filed for divorce in April 2019, which is now approved, divorce. The reason for this is being told to Gabriela, although neither Arjun and Mehar have given any statement on this issue.

‘We will continue to support each other even further’

But Arjun and Mehar had issued a joint statement at the time of the announcement of the separation, saying, after 20 years of beautiful journeys and after good memories, now we have decided to part ways, we were always good together We will continue to support each other even further.

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